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Financial Analysis Of the Proposed Incinerator

The Carroll County Department of Public Works and the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority have been waging a battle attempting to discredit some of the points that we have been making about the proposed Waste to Energy Incinerator.  Of all the shortcomings of this project, it is the financial implications on which they are most vulnerable.  For the last couple months, Carroll County resident Bruce Holstein has been reviewing the numbers put forth by the Authority, and he has come up with some very revealing information which he has presented in a series of documents, letters to the editor, as well as in interviews in the newspaper and on the radio. Bruce has a 36 year background in auditing, accounting, and financial management for the federal government. Links to some of his documents can be found on this page.

The Original Financial Analysis - 7/24/2010

Earlier this summer we made Bruce's original financial documents available for download here. (You can find links to them below). The analysis document describes the details of the plan titled, “Conservative Electric/Full Plant.”  The critique document shows Bruce's evaluation of the plan and explains why he believes it is not beneficial for Carroll County residents. Consider reading the analysis document before reading the critique as it will make more sense to you that way.

Click Here To Read The Analysis Document 

Click Here To Read The Critique of WTE Plan


Bruce Responds to Evans' Criticism of Original Financial Analysis - 8 10



Bruce's reports have been subjected to a coordinated effort by Carroll and Frederick counties and the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (the Authority) to discredit the information that he provided. Carroll County decided to have a public hearing on July 22, 2010 about incinerator finances where Mike Evans showed multiple slides attacking Bruce's critique of their plan. Frederick County hired a consultant for $50,000 to review their own plan. Mr. Marschner sent out a letter dated July 23, 2010 claiming Bruce's reports contained many errors, and the Authority is working with both counties behind the scenes.

They are trying to suppress the fact that tip fees are the second largest source of revenue to the “self-sustaining” incinerator and that any revenue shortfall or cost increase will be added to the tip fees. Increases in county tip fees will result in higher trash bills for all residents and businesses. Mr. Zimmer and Mr. Evans provide briefings to county residents but do not reveal this information or even discuss tip fees to any extent.

Below is Bruce's response to the public hearing.  He included narrative from Mr. Evans slides and his response directly follows each slide.

Having completed this response, he is now working on his response to Mr. Marschner’s July 23, 2010 letter.  We will post a copy of his response here as soon as he finishes it.

Click Here To View Bruce's Response.